Artist Profile

szabados_norbert_festomuvesz” for me a good painter is not the most artistic when he is in creation but when he guesses out what to paint for why?”

Sz. N.

His Artist Career: He was born in Siófok ( 1974) spending his childhood there. His talent had already appeared during his early schoolyears. After leaving school he got in touch with portait painting and graphics. He learned the basis of painting by himself. His personal vision, creative approach and innovative techniques emerged.
From the beginning he had a leaning towards the unique, flabbergasting imaginery. He shows the character, the moral individuality and the spiritual world of the depicted person in a professional way.
His paintings and portraits reflect his spiritual world.
His art hides an aim that has emphatic, atmospheric effect. Excellent portrayal can be seen in his work. His technical knowledge, color dynamics, brushwork are self- confident.
The incorporation of inner world ( personal existence) and outer world are essential question for him. He can see an other world in a face in a split second that he can show on his canvases.
His paintings are mostly made by acrylic and oil technique on canvas.

Style: Free Realism

Exhibitions: Heidelberg-Haupt strasse (Germany) Heidelberg-Cranic Caffe / Hotel heidelberg-Astoria / Hotel Bécs- magán galéria (Austria) Castiglione della pescaia (Italy) Budapest- Óbuda / Puskin (Hungary) Budapest-Oriental / Hotel Budapest-Dohány utca Litér-hét vezér Székesfehérvár-Árpád fürdő Székesfehérvár-Platán / Hotel Dunakeszi-Retró / KSK

His Artistic Ambitions: Self development, self conscious, creative process. His aim: free creation, rejoicement, completion.

The consequence of these is that he raises happiness and thoughts in those people who are touched by his works.
By his extremlycreative fantasy, his wishes, dreams, determined messages he would like to create a totally new way and an absolutely unique art perspective .

2014. Szabados Norbert Written by T Clara